Subscription eBikes, a whole new world

A Lug+Carrie subscription equals flexibility. It means you can change your bike as your life changes.

Pay as you go

The Lug+Carrie subscription is the best alternative to expensive eBikes. An award-winning, premium Tern eBike, one that’s set up perfectly for you and paid for by the week - that’s great value.

So why subscribe?

You ride the bike, we own the hassles. A low committment, 4-week minimum subscription and stress free ownership means you can do more of life by bike.

You can buy your bike if you like
We come to you for servicing
Switch bikes if your needs change
Swap accessories if you need a change
Minimal initial cost
Rider Rescue Cover
Insurance Included
Servicing included

Falling in love. It happens.

If you decide you want to ride off into the sunset with your Lug+Carrie, you can. Your subscription payments can contribute to the price of the bike and you can purchase it outright. Speak with us for more details.

How it works