Jenny Beard

GSD user

I started leasing a bike from Lug+Carrie around 2 years ago. My youngest child had just turned 4. The e-bike meant that I could get him to all sorts of places quickly without driving in a fun and healthy way. I had tried to get back into the habit of riding my pushbike but the hills in my suburb were an obstacle. The Turn GSD e-bike with the Clubhouse seat helped me to overcome my hesitancy. Each morning for 2 years my child and I have jumped on the bike and set off. The Lug+Carrie team were always available to fix punctures and other issues and to advise on accessory changes. My son is now able to tackle the hills by himself and the flexibility of Lug+Carrie's leasing system means that I can downsize quickly and easily in a stress free way. I cannot recommend leasing these e-bikes form Lug+Carrie's highly enough.