Lug+Carrie has over 20 accessories and add-ons that can be combined in dozens of different ways, giving you a chance to customise your ride.

Find some that you like? Head to the Lug+Carrie Bike Builder to see what they look like on a Tern GSD or HSD.

The Storm Shield Mini is a weather-resistant canopy that keeps the elements out, the good vibes in, and your little passenger's complaints at bay. Protect them from rain, snow, and wind—or roll up the side panels on sunny days to let your little one enjoy both fresh air and shade. Combine with the Storm Box Mini to create The Storm Fort, the ultimate in weather protection. Fits one child who is up to 140cm tall.

The Clubhouse Mini—little sibling to the Clubhouse+—makes your bike as versatile and functional as a hatchback car. Use it to carry one child, in or out of a child seat. When no passenger is on board, the Clubhouse Mini offers 400 x 400 mm of interior space—more than enough for your grocery haul. It is designed to fit 1 child that weighs approximately 18kg and between 110 - 140cm in height, or a smaller one in a child seat.

A glovebox for your Tern HSD, to carry all the little things.

The Cargo Hold 37 Panniers turn the HSD or Quick Haul into super-handy rides. They’re your car trunk for carrying groceries, a backpack for running errands or commuting, or a diaper bag for bringing toys and baby essentials. Fold the pannier sides in for a completely hassle-free Bucket Mode, which is also compatible with a Yepp seat if you want to carry your little one AND the groceries. On the GSD, the Cargo Hold 37 fits nicely behind an adult passenger’s legs, or behind a single Yepp seat.

The Hauler Rack is the Goldilocks of our front racks: Big enough to carry a whole lot of cargo but small enough to let you maneuver the bike with ease, it is just the right size for the Tern GSD or HSD. With an open-ended design and a handy bungee cord, the Hauler Rack is ready to carry backpacks, boxes, and other bulky items. And with mounting holes on the base, you can easily bolt a crate to the rack for a semi-permanent solution to carry groceries or smaller items.

The Sidekick Joyride Bars provide protection and stability for your passengers. Pair with the Captain’s Chair to create a comfy seating solution for a big kid or adult passenger. Use the same setup to carry crates and boxes for the grocery run.

The Sidekick Seat Pad allows you to carry passengers in comfort on your bike. The Sidekick Seat Pad has a simple mounting to clip on and off in seconds. Pair it with a set of Sidekick Handlebars for extra comfort and convenience. Can be used for 1 adult/2 older children on a Tern GSD, or 1 adult/1 older child (subject the weight limit of the rear rack) on a Tern HSD or Quick Haul. Recommended age, 10 and above and 140 cm or taller.

Sidekick Bars provide a strong and secure handhold for your passengers. Mount to your seatpost, set the ride position and hit the road. Perfect for a bicycle built for two.

The Transporteur Rack is a modular cargo carrier. Accessorize it with a 300mm × 400 mm crate, a slab of beer, or a recycled wooden box. It carries up to 20 kg, so even when you’re carting two children on the back, you can bring a picnic too. With two convenient bottle mounts, you can load it out with water for a long tour.

The Thule Yepp Maxi child seat is our favourite child seat. It attaches easily to the rear rack of the bike, and locks in securely. The 5-point harness is intuitive and makes you and your little bub feel safe. Thule recommends the Yepp Maxi for children ages 9 months and older, with a max weight of 22kg. But every child is different! So get in touch with us with questions.

The Captain’s Chair lets big kids and adults ride on the back of your bike in comfort and style. The bundle pairs the Captain's Chair with the Sidekick Joyride Bars to create a complete passenger’s cabin for your favorite backseat driver. Use the same setup to carry crates and boxes—just remove the seat cushion. The Captain's Chair is designed to fit one older child (26+ kg and appx. 130cm tall) on the Tern HSD or Quick Haul, or 1-2 older children on the Tern GSD.

A sturdy 400mm x 600mm plastic crate.

The Storm Box Mini transforms the rear of your bike into a roomy, weather-protected bucket for one passenger. It includes two weather-resistant lids—the lockable Cargo Lid Mini to protect your stuff from rain and prying eyes, and the Kid Lid Mini to keep little ones warm and cozy, even on bad-weather days.

A weatherproof cover for your bike, to protect it from the elements.

A rear view mirror for keep track of cars or kids.

A bottle holder attachment to carry whatever you're thirsty for.

A sturdy 400mm x 300mm crate.

A light and secure dual-stage mount that extends your phone out beyond your handlebars. Universal adaptor not included.

Directly adhere this adaptor to your smartphone, to use it with one of the Quad Lock mounts.

Light, strong, and secure handlebar smartphone mount. Universal adaptor for also required for your phone.

The Cargo Hold 52 Panniers are like an extra-roomy trunk for the GSD. With a volume of more than 100 liters per pair, they’re spacious enough for weekly shopping runs, camping adventures, or hauling all your kids’ bags, instruments, and sporting equipment (while your kids are on board, of course). Use in Roll-Top Mode for weather protection, or quickly switch to Bucket Mode for stashing oversized cargo.

Transform your GSD into a minivan with the Clubhouse+. Use it with the included seatpad and backrest to create a comfy and protected space for two children. Swap out the seatpad for a 400mm x 600mm crate and it becomes a heavy-duty grocery hauler. The Child Seat Expansion Bar supports up to two child seats for younger children, allowing you to mix and match seating configurations as your children grow from toddlers to 10-year-olds. It’s more fun than a car seat any day. Designed to fit two older children from 5 - 10 years old, and recommended height between 110 - 140 cm.

When combined with the Clubhouse+, the Storm Box transforms the rear of the GSD into a massive, weather-protected bucket. Two weather-resistant lids let you easily switch between carrying children and hauling cargo. Combine withe the Storm Shield to create the Storm Fort - the ultimate in weather protection.

The Storm Shield is a weather-resistant canopy that keeps the elements out, the good vibes in, and your little passenger's complaints at bay. Protect them from rain, snow, and wind. It gives little ones a cozy place to sit (or sleep) when bad weather hits, and can also be used for sun protection on high UV days. Combine with the Storm Box to create the Storm Fort - the ultimate in weather protection. Fits one child who is up to 140cm tall. Clubhouse + also required.

Planning a full day out on your bike? Heading out an a weekend bikepacking adventure? Or just want to not worry about charging up as often? An extra Bosch Powerpack 400 is exactly what you need. Charge it fully in around 3.5 hours, lock it into the Tern GSD's second battery slot, and you're all set to ride up to 85 km further than with just a single battery.